Auscrete’s turnkey houses cost around $95-$100 per square foot,  ready to move in. That is highly competitive in today’s market and is brought
about by Auscrete’s ability to manufacture large specialized concrete panels in mass production format. These houses are site built to produce
an attractive, stylish and functional home that will stay where it is put through all kinds of adverse weather and age conditions. It will not burn, is
not affected by mold, insects or rot, is extremely soundproof, it saves extensively on energy costs and has exceptionally low maintenance needs.
from Auscrete Homes
Auscrete Corporation utilizes it's fully developed lightweight concrete technologies in the
construction of thermally efficient and structurally superior
'Affordable  Housing’ as well as for
commercial structures. This
‘GREEN’ product is the outcome of a culmination of design and
development since the early 1980’s. It is the result of the amalgamation of various developments in
specialized materials to address the ongoing problem in the world’s largest marketplace,
- The quest for affordable, efficient and enduring, modern housing. -
Quality in Energy Efficient Affordable Housing
Mission Statement -To make available Affordable, Technology Driven and Eco Friendly Housing to those who were never
                                     before afforded the opportunity to realize the American Dream.”