Auscrete’s Manufacturing Plant Produces housing that is affordable and in reach of that group of people wanting to participate in the “American Dream”, but
are unable to afford construction of housing at today’s prices. The solution for them will be to purchase their own beautiful, solid, energy efficient, virtually fire-
proof, Auscrete home, similar in style to these homes built in Australia.

There is no magic required to produce very affordable, quality homes. We cast large panels of our light-weight insulated concrete in a quality controlled
factory environment. To construct affordable homes, we produce the materials in a “mass production” format by table casting the outer and inner wall and
roof sections.
Each wall panel incorporates a cast-in skeletal reinforcing frame containing the vertical steel
tubes through which the hold down bolts pass, to secure the panel to the concrete slab base.
Electrical conduits are also installed at this stage.
Wall and roof panels as well as other components are
shipped to the building site on step deck trailers.
Exterior and Internal walls are lowered into position
and secured using a 2 mm (.080") adhesive sealant.
Outer walls are secured to the
inner walls and to the floor slab
with a variety of long bolts and
attachments, creating a very
stable and strong assembly that
has much better earthquake and
tornado resistance than the
average home built of wood.
After receiving internal ducting and utility services, the
roof is fitted. The house is then applied with stucco or
alternate finish. Interior cabinets and fixtures are fitted,
and the house is ready for move in.
The house is up in a matter of days, not months, so there are major labor savings at both the factory and the
building site.

Additionally, savings are enhanced by the use of lower cost raw materials (cement & sand etc.) as opposed
to expensive and labor-intensive lumber products.
Quality in Energy Efficient Affordable Housing
from Auscrete Homes

This complex technology incorporates expanded insulating resources and the infusion of millions of tiny air bubbles into a special inert concrete mix enabling the creation of a
lightweight product without sacrificing strength or structural integrity.

It generally uses only one half of the raw materials needed  in standard concrete construction. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, pest free and uses materials that are the most
available in the world. The biggest advantage is that it can be produced as large panels at very low cost in a factory atmosphere with controlled simple casting techniques.

Our metal fabrication plant produces the various reinforcing and steel trusses that might be used in the home’s construction. By constructing the wall and roof sections with insulated
aerated concrete, the panels are of lighter weight, making them easier to handle and can be cast in large sections, typically 16’ by 8’ for easier transportation and faster construction at
the building site. By using this method of manufacture, the various sections are quality controlled in a factory atmosphere.