Basic Building Materials

Auscrete aerated concrete is a light-weight cement/sand product that has a specially developed foaming agent
applied during manufacture. This enables the product to have millions of small air bubble ‘aggregates’ introduced
and evenly distributed throughout the cast sections.  Then there is the XPS insulation amalgamation with the final
result being a concrete that is light, strong, of extremely high insulation value and is highly fire resistant. It also has
excellent sound proofing qualities.
Totally incombustible, Auscrete AC
offers much greater fire protection
than that of normal concrete. It is
Ideal for firewalls and also provides
excellent fire protection for
structural steel.
In its standard density of 90 - 105 lbs. per
cu. ft., the weight of Auscrete AC is almost
one half that of normal concrete. Panels
can be handled with ease making it
economical to transport in large sections.
Auscrete AC has a high strength to
weight ratio. Standard sections have
a mean compressive strength in
excess of 2,500 psi. when fully cured.
It allows Architects and engineers
new design and constructions
AAC's insulation is much greater than
normal concrete. Expensive energy is saved
by Auscrete AC as it cuts both heating and
air conditioning needs offering greater
comfort in a wide range of climatic
Auscrete AC provides excellent
sound reduction, superior to that of
a number of commonly used building
materials. Auscrete AC designers
have achieved considerable sound
reduction  in independent panelized
system tests.
Nails can be driven and electric
routers can be used to groove for
electrical conduits and plumbing and
the material can be sawn. Fixing of all
joinery, hand basins and other fittings
is fast and simple.
Quality in Energy Efficient Affordable Housing
from Auscrete Homes
Auscrete's products are residential housing, commercial structures and buildings in general.
If your tastes run to any of these

                        Cape Cod
                        New England
                        Tiny Homes

                        We can design
                        your floor plan
                        into the home
                        of your dreams.
Contact us, then send us your
sketch on that napkin or whatever
other paper you used and let us
design your  home at NO COST or
obligation to you.
Notwithstanding the economical
and ecological advantages of
Auscrete’s product, there are also
few limits to the type or style of
home that can be built with this

Architectural style has no
limitations with this system. The
intricacies of any design are
created easily by the shape of the
casting mold and the structural
materials used, which are for the
most part, treated steel, insulation
and concrete.
Our AFFORDABLE homes fully built and turnkey (move in ready) range
from only $100,000 for 1,000 sq. ft. to $250,000 for a 2,500 sq. ft. house.