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Auscrete Corporation, whose symbol "ASCK" is a Public Corporation listed on the OTCpink Bulletin Board. The company used the services of Glendale
Securities, Inc. to apply for its FINRA application and act as initial  Market Maker for the company. The company is DTC registered.

Auscrete Corporation is a Wyoming registered public company. It was incorporated on December 31, 2009 and became effective with the SEC in December
2014. It was established to finance the construction and implementation of a manufacturing facility for Auscrete’s building products. Company Management
recently decided to re-establish the corporate base and NW manufacturing facility to Goldendale, WA. They have secured 10 acres of Industrial land on the
Goldendale Industrial Park and

The company reports to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and there is an SEC link to the company's reports on this page. Currently the company
has issued 100,935,000 common shares.

Green Initiative

Auscrete is on the cutting edge of the GREEN MOVEMENT. Our concrete product is perceived to be very green, in part because of the minimal impact on the
environment and its energy efficiency, two of the most important values for today’s needs and mindset. Auscrete's specialized concrete construction
products are basically cement and sand, two of the most abundant raw materials. The mixture uses a non toxic bio-degradable surfactant to produce the
injected bubble aggregates. The insulating value consists of an homogeneous integration of  the cementitious product and XPS, which can be re-used
simply by melting and reconstitution.

The use of these basic materials makes the company's products  environmentally friendly and non-toxic. To be "Green" a product must create energy
reducing properties. Most of the pollution in the world is created from energy producing sources. The technology in Auscrete's products have significantly
reduced energy use for heating and cooling through the use of high level insulation and therefore reducing energy pollution.

Watch 12 year old Canadian, Severn Cullis-Suzuki who, at 9 years of age, started the Environmental Children's Organization (ECO), a small group of
children committed to learning and teaching other kids about environmental issues. In 1992 She addressed the UN's Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro to
appeal to the world for climatic reform. Click on her photo at left.


Auscrete Corporation possesses certain proprietary technology in cellular lightweight concrete manufacturing that has been assigned to the corporation.
Auscrete Cellular Concrete (“ACC”) is the culmination of the refinements made to a technology developed in Australia in the mid 1980’s.
The Australian product has been used in many parts of the world in construction, and Auscrete has further developed it in the US by creating a thermally
efficient building system.

A pilot plant was commenced in 2007 at Rufus, OR and trial products, such as houses, commercial building and amenities facilities were constructed.

Since commencing re-development of the basic technology almost ten years ago, Auscrete's engineers have refined and modified the basic ACC formula
utilizing various bubble producing machines that create the infusion of millions of tiny air bubbles into a special inert concrete mix thus producing a
lightweight product without sacrificing strength or structural integrity.

A number of specialized machines have been fabricated for the manufacturing of ACC including machinery that can produce various sized bubbles,
hydraulically operated casting beds, concrete batching plant, materials handling equipment, specialized finishing machines and a “Hot Box” materials
thermal testing cabinet that gives thermal “R” ratings of materials to ASTM specifications. Additionally, many sample panels have been
produced for testing and for the construction of structures.

Future Planning

Auscrete intends to sequentially bring on line a further 6 downsized production facilities around the country to secure the future, within 1,000 miles of target
markets,  for the company’s products. Projected sites include San Antonio TX, Merced CA, Jackson MS, Boston MA, Rockford IL, and Atlanta GA.

Green Energy
Green Energy